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Web design, internet advertising, online business models and solutions

The experience that the DualM studio's team has gained during the years in work on projects for USA, Canada, Europe and Asia, gives us the ability to develop unique, contemporary web design projects specially designed to every single client's identity. If you DO NOT want to be like everyone else around you contact us and let us research your business, give you the correct advice and help you make the best choice for a successful investment. Make a request for web site developing.


Unique web design   Unique web design
Or why you need to be different
Content management   Content management
Creating, editing, deleting
Web sites for mobile devices   Web sites for mobile devices
Handy for working on small screens
SEO - search engine optimization   SEO - search engine optimization
Better search result positioning in Google
Making of advertising compaigns   Making of advertising compaigns
Increase the traffic progressively
Flash animations   Flash animations
Make your web stie attractive
Graphic design   Graphic design
Posters, Calendars, Flyers
Multimedia presentations   Multimedia presentations
To impress the audience
3D modeling and animation   3D modeling and animation
To creating something from nothing

What we offer more than the others

Why we are one step ahead and sometimes even with a whole lap? Because we use our custom coded modules for every single web site. It gives us the ability to do each of your requirements. We won't change your day to day way of doing business. Your web site will still work in a way you are used to.

Online shop

Do not limit your sales! Give yourself a chance to increase your income. The online or e-commerce shop does not need monthly rent like a real store. It doesn't need working time and personnel. It needs only your willingness to expand your business.

Administrative panel

The administrative panel or CMS (Content Management System) is an online based application which manages and stores the content of your web site with password encrypted database. Via the administrative user interface one or many administrators are able to add, delete or edit information in separate sections of your web site.

What clients say about us

We do our best for each of our clients. Thus they will recommend us many times. Read the references about our work.


Client: Zayo Books
Zayo Books