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Online shop

Do not limit your sales! Give yourself a chance to increase your income. The online or e-commerce shop does not need monthly rent like a real store. It doesn't need working time and personnel. It needs only your willingness to expand your business.

Administrative panel

The administrative panel or CMS (Content Management System) is an online based application which manages and stores the content of your web site with password encrypted database. Via the administrative user interface one or many administrators are able to add, delete or edit information in separate sections of your web site.


Client: Zayo Books
Zayo Books

SEO - search engine optimization

SEO - search engine optimization

Source code optimization (on page SEO) of the web site aiming to have better search result positioning when users are searching. Without this optimization the chances of your web site to be shown in the first two result pages are almost zero. The rules defined from the biggest players like Google and Yahoo are an official secret. The optimal optimization is found experimentally.

The source code optimization is always included in the project's price. DualM studio optimizes its projects so well that doing an additional SEO like link building and writing articles redirecting to the web site, very often is not necessary at all.